jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

A Rooster and a Blind Corner

(Meanwhile, A Cacti Rooster)

One of the poems in the book that I'm hoping to do audio on (if courage plus price of ¡phone can be mustered up) is 'Rooster on a Dangerous Bend (Or There Is No Satisfaction in Losing One’s Hat)'

A true story about a rooster on a dangerous bend! It is nearly all blind corners where I live and on one particular bad bend there is a rooster that has been hanging out there for what must be 10 years because from day one of my driving I have seen ‘him’ or if not ‘him’, a close relative. I don’t know how long roosters live but I imagine ten years is a long time so would bet that it is a rooster tradition that has been taken up by the original rooster’s descendents. : ) This poem accounts my thoughts on encountering him and leads to questions about moons, and the joke about why the chicken crossed the road and about losing one’s hat as opposed to one’s rag and there are references to the eternal dance of Mulligan’s ball and the song sugar, sugar and this poem ends up thinking about purgatory for some reason.

I am hoping to actually get a photo of this rooster over the week-end – it’s a tricky one as with the dangerous bend and me in the car, there is never a moment to lose….it looks as if I’ll have to either walk the bend (which may cause him to scamper) or actually stop the car at the dangerous bend – who said poetry was a safe act done while snuggled up in bed and giving in to introspection! ; )

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  1. Whatever about poetry ,photography is definitely not for the faint-hearted.I had a similar mission to take a picture of a very interesting roadside memeorial that we are so found of over here , marking the spot where someone died in an accident.It not only had a headstone but a tableau of little statues,trouble was it was on the bend(natch) of an extremely fast and busy stretch of road, of course the only way to get the right shot was from the middle of the road and I one eye closed crouching concentrating through the lens when an artic lorry flew past within 6 inches of me backside and the force of the turbullence (from the lorry not me arse)knocked me flat on me face.Got the shot though - one of the many good ones now lost in compu space.

  2. TFE, talk about putting yourself on the line...I've got a similar few shots of those roadside crosses - and they are nearly always on a bad bend.
    And those monstrosities of lorries - absolutely no mercy...oh no, another reminder of what was lost in outer space - still no joy nor hope of salvaging anything from the dell then?