martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

Odd Things in Odd Places (or Compartmentalise)

(For the Chop - A Puss in Boots on a Snow Day)

(The Freeze is On)

Compartmentalise is a poem about un-rechargeable batteries and what I do with them until I find a safe-place to leave them. I seem to carry them with me and forget I have them stuffed in some front pocket of my rucksack alongside out-of-date lottery tickets that I’ve forgotten to check or crinkled up notepaper with words that I thought would come in handy some time…the Dark Knight and Joker, a nerdish fringe and a kinder egg all make an appearance too. There is gasping and weakening and chaos and me still coming and going from my house with un-rechargeable batteries in the front pocket of my rucksack or in the glove compartment of the car which contains maps from previous holiday spots, a knife I keep to peel apples while away from my kitchen, a few sets of Penney’s sunglasses and possibly the phone number of the plumber we keep needing but never ring because we never have the phone number at hand …. What do you do with un-rechargeable batteries until you get to designated 'safe-spot' (if ever...)or what are you prone to hoarding in strange places...and what are those strange places? Do you ever reach your goal and take the hoarded items to where you once thought you would take them...? Just curiosity...: )

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  1. Tu solicitud no ha podido procesarse. Por favor, inténtalo de nuevo.
    My espanol is not good but I'll have ago 'Your offering is like a baboons arse. Please invent something new' - was I close? Anyway BTW unreepeetible batterosas occasionally make it from the maelstrom of madness that is EEjit castle life to the succour and sanctuary of the battereeble bin at the recyclone centre. more often good intentions pave the path to nowhere and they fester and rot in whatever gizzmo they once provided a beating heart for and languish there forgotten like yesterdays mist till they leak their acidy guts and kill the thing they once loved and all is thrown into our totally uneco friendly really wheeeely bin to be dumped no doubt in the nearest hedgerow.One time I tried putting them in the re-chargo machine and destroyed the entire west wing of the kitchens.

  2. TFE, dead-close, especially the baboon part.

    Plenty of chaos afoot then - you see, there is more to saving the planet than meets the eye...onwards and upwards, TFE, a small battery rescued, a big step for us mortals...

    (cheers, TFE, mucho enjoyo el cao in la mansiono.)80)

  3. One thing you can always say about TFE's replies: they make you laugh!

    Batteries are one thing I hate to see coming in our house - I think we must have used a whole garden-full of them by this stage.

  4. They sure do! ; )

    And a garden-full of batteries - there is a poem in there somewhere, Barbara... : )