lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Readings - Into the West and Heading South

(Life on the Rocks)

Thanks to Barbara for passing me on the e-mail addresses of the poetry reading places in Ireland. I knew of them but had not got the contact info. and I didn’t realise that they get booked up really quickly, so once again kudos to Barbara for also forewarning me of that.

I’ve been really lucky and have ended up with three readings within a week – because
of my living-abroad circumstances,the only times that would be suitable for me to do readings in Ireland would be August and September.I am also in Ireland in April and possibly end of May/June/July but it would be practically impossible to have the book by then but I am hoping to have the book by mid-Sept. Nothing is confirmed yet though.

The three places are:

Sheridan’s Wine Bar,Galway 11th of Sept (Friday)

Ó Bhéal, Cork 14th of Sept. (Monday)

The White House, Limerick 16th of Sept. (Wednesday)

Paul in Ó Bhéal has also asked if I would be interested in giving a workshop
earlier on in the evening.
I am really delighted about that and looking forward to it.

So that’s the story there. I am hoping to check out more reading venues in Ireland and the UK for the Spring and Summer of 2010, if anyone has any ideas on where, that would be great. : )

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  1. Hooray Liz, we can't wait to hear and see you :)))

  2. Thanks, Barbara...looking forward to it too! ; )

    cheers, Emerging, and yep! the added delight is that I discovered they pay too. : )

  3. Well done Liz,and they all serve drink too!(Was that a pre-requisite?)Have listened to White House Poetry nights on the net and it sounds like a great celebration of poetry not too hushed and reverential, a pukka venue,mucho good luck with all three :)

  4. cheers, TFE.
    Have a wee look at the youtube videos of Sheridan's Wine bar readings - the reading is done standing at the actual bar and/or literally holding up the looks very relaxed - thank gawd! ; )

  5. Hi Liz,

    A little ghost from the past and I have NO idea how i ended up here (was looking for some old GW work of mine from back in 2004) and stumbled upon this page - BRILLIANT news that you're heading back home later this year. Know of the three places/gigs you mention as also we performed there in 2007 (as the Poetry Chicks). If you up for heading North - let me know. I can get you a gig or something both in Derry & Belfast (and maybe Dublin), no problem (might not be paying though but can see about funds). Also - could get you some radio/press coverage locally (Derry/Inishowen). Drop me a line at my usual email address or via FB. Has been too long, missus! :)) Jen x

  6. PS: And all the guys at each of the places you mention are wonderful and have a very good loyal following of folks who attend poetry events. Very welcoming and you'll just love the whole experience! Know Paul Casey (Ó Bhéal), Kevin Higgins/John Walsh (Galway) & the Limerick gang - all fine poets and performers themselves and will make you feel right at home. A good excuse for me to take a wee trip down the country too... lol :))

  7. Hi Jen,

    Fantastic to hear from you : ) I was just wondering how you were and about to get in touch...I've sent you an e-mail to your yahoo
    Looking forward to hooking up then. ; )

    take care

  8. Congratulations, Liz.

    I love the photograph too.